Wow, PAX East was a phenomenal experience. It was really cool to show our Paradoxical Shooter Arena for the first time outside of South America and get this great reception. More than ever, we believe that there is room for innovation in the crowded FPS space. Even more so, it was incredible to jump into our Closed Beta after coming back to Buenos Aires and find some of the amazing gamers that we met during the show allready pulling crazy Paradoxical Strategies.

As a recap, here are some of the highlights of the show:


Being part of the indie Megabooth was a delightful experience, not only for the honour of being surrounded by some of the top indie developers in the industry but also because of the level of support and care they gave us in this, our first, trade show experience.

Big presence at PAX!


It was amazing to see people coming back day after day to play again and again. These guys really got the concept and fell in love with the potential of the game. We are looking forward to seeing them stream the heck out of this game when we are ready.

QL Superfans!

Tycho Brahe

A special note has to go to one of the creators of PAX himself. Evidently, the game clicked with him too.
He dropped by everyday to observe people playing and spent precious time talking to us about the depth in the mechanics.
He even took the time to come swing by our booth specially to take a picture with us, said wonderful things about the game during the show and wrote about it on Penny Arcade!

Tycho and Chilko at PAX

Some Data

Over the course of 4 days People at PAX:

  • played 307 Matches
  • caused 1688 paradoxes
  • scored over 1100 times.
    Additionally we gave away:
  • 1000+ closed beta keys
  • almost 500 exclusive pins
  • and held 10 “Time Travel Coach” t-shirt challenges!

Closed Beta Registrations are still Open

Remember that registrations for Quantum League’s Closed Beta are still Open!
Head now to and sign up!