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Hello Time Travelling Athletes!

Welcome to Quantum League’s official Development Blog. Quantum League: Paradoxical Shooter Arena is the first multiplayer FPS to feature Time Travelling mechanics. Now that the game is announced, we wanted to be more open about the development of the game and that is the main idea behind this blog.

Introducing a Paradoxical Shooter

In this, our first blog post we wanted to explain the gameplay mechanics that make Time Travel possible (which, by the way, does not involve massive ammounts of energy or speeds beyond 88M/h).

The concept of Time Travel is not new to the games industry. True gems like Braid, and Super Time Force proved the potential of these mechanics before, but only in the context of single player.

How do we do Time Travel in Multiplayer?
Quantum League is a 1 vs 1 Arena style FPS where you are controlling a Team of 3 clones. You do this one at a time but all of them interact within the same 10 seconds time loop.

The mechanics in a nutshell are:

  • You play for 10 seconds of pure action. Just as in other FPS games.
  • Then, time goes back! And you play the same 10 seconds from the perspective of another time clone of yourself (your previous clone will do exactly what he did).
  • You do this 3 times (this is what we call a time loop).
  • In order to score you must control the Goal Area by the time all clones have made their move (the end of the time loop).
  • This is a 1v1 arena, so your oponent is doing the same against you!

But, why is this Time Travel?
Because, when you play with your 2nd and 3rd clone you know what happened to the previous one(s) and you can change the course of time to win. This means crazy paradoxical events like killing the clone that killed you to prevent your clone for dying.

And what happens to the clone that get’s revived in a paradox?
This is one of the most impactful design decisions that we made in the game. When you get killed in QL you continue to play, recording the potential actions that your clone might do, in case you don’t die.
One of the most amazing moments in the game is when you see one of your previously dead clones saving the day (or even scoring) at the end of the loop.

In game design terms, you are dealing with perfect information about what’s about to happen. This creates a unique tactical and strategic layer with infinite depth. As players try to change the course of time to outsmart their opponents.

Closed Beta

We have been working on the game Quantum League for almost 2 years and the game is now ready to be played by with a larger audience and get your feedback.
If you want to join our closed beta, head now to quantum-league.com and sign up!

Gameplay Trailer