Hello Quantum Athletes! Time for a Dev Team preview.

Some weeks have passed since our Early Access milestone. For the couple of weeks following that release, all of our efforts have been mostly focused on reducing the amount of showstopper crashes, both in clients and servers, plus some of the most annoying issues you have been reporting on our different communication channels.

We are immensely grateful for your continued support, as players but also as a community! We are in awe at how you’ve embraced the game, by the way you celebrate what you think is unique about Quantum League, and also with your clarity when pointing out the areas in which we need to do better.

Armed with that feedback, the team has now begun to work on growing the game into what we all dream it can become. This means starting work both on bigger and smaller things, and naturally, smaller things get done quicker.

I’d like to share information on what you’ll see in the next update, and other items which we’ve started working on that you’ll get to play with shortly:

Quick Chat: While a full match chat was present during the open beta, we felt it left too many opportunities for negativity while still not allowing randomly-matched teammates to communicate effectively on strategy.

As a progressive reintroduction of chat, we’ll be debuting a “quick chat” style communication option, centered around the use of predefined text snippets accessed through hotkeys. Some sets will be on the public chat by default, while others are only shared with teammates.

We’ll be launching with around a dozen different snippets, and our plan is to add or edit text snippets based on your feedback and usage in future updates.

More Input Toggles: We thank you for educating us to the fact that lack of input toggles to focus and sprint actions were harming accessibility for many players! The update will feature settings in the Controls tab to activate “toggle” behavior for crouching, sprinting and focusing, which are “hold” by default.

Better separation of Casual & Ranked statistics: We’ve received many comments regarding the fact that both casual & ranked queues share the same ELO and contribute win / lose statistics to the same leaderboard. We will be taking some steps to start making this clearer:

  • Public ELO will now be used & updated exclusively through Ranked matches.
  • Casual Queue matchmaking will use a new, more relaxed metric, separate from public ELO.
  • Public Win / Lose records will also be updated exclusively through Ranked matches, until we can properly provide a proper place for Casual stats in the Player Profile section.

As a result, since current records were mixing together ranked and casual matches, we will be resetting win / lose numbers for everyone when the update launches.

Other features we’re working on, but may be bumped to the next update:

Live Spectate custom matches - this should make it easier to broadcast tournament matches! Return of Match Replays - Review and replay your latest matches under different angles New Game Mode: Domination - Flip several control points around the level to your side to score

On the subject of rewards & seasons

Now that our first reward season is over, we’ve received several questions on when the next is going to start, and if that means that something will also happen to the ranked League.

Currently, we are keeping these features separate from each other. A new reward season will start soon, with new skins to unlock through gameplay, but League ranks will not be changed for now.

Rest assured that we will notify you in advance before bringing the current competitive season to a close! In the meantime, here’s a preview of some of the character skins you’ll be able to obtain during the next reward season:

Preview skins from the next Reward Season

… Oh, you’re still here? Well, it would be totally unfair to leave you without sharing some never-seen-before images from Cargo, our upcoming map designed for 2v2 matches!

To ensure that maps are balanced & fair, Cargo will start by being available in the Custom Match maplist first so you can give us some early feedback on overall gameplay before it launches for everyone.

Cargo preview 01 Cargo preview 02 Cargo preview 03