Violet Jones Bio cover - Follow no rules but your own!

Life before the League

Violet Jones lives her life under one motto: Follow no rules but your own. Maybe the result of the British rock scene at the time or having a safe economic position with parents that left her to her own devices, Violet is used to doing what she wants when she wants it and getting away with it.

The only child of a wealthy family, Violet showed passion and dedication for three things since a very young age: Technology, crafts, and music. Later in life technology turned into her obsession, leaving the other two more as hobbies to relax. She became a master at spotting weak spots in the BSSs security of companies and streams alike. She was even one of the first in her neighborhood to have a TimeWatch and by the time her friends got one, she was unbeatable at Quantum Tag and other games that they invented to pass the time. It is no surprise then that she became one of the more prominent local figures the moment Quantum matches started.

Violet Jones taking a selfie

After the creation of the Quantum League, Violet dreamed of becoming a Pro Quantum player. Unfortunately, that dream would not happen so easily. It’s not that she was a bad quantum player, but her disregard for rules that kept her from catching her break. She failed the test to enter the league several times simply because she refused to play the game the way the scouts expected, breaking sequence and trying to trick her opponents into generating time paradoxes that would render them unable to move until the match ended; or using elements outside the arena to trick opponents, like a craft replica of herself to make the opponent think she had one more time clone than was allowed.

One day, after beating a local player in an underground match for the third time in a row, she decided that enough was enough. That same day, she demanded a new test and after several failed attempts she finally managed to follow the rules long enough to enter. She was in now, and all she had to do was prove that her ability with the TimeWatch was unparalleled to dominate the league just like she dominated her local scene. But the world is a lot bigger than just London, and she had a long way to go before reaching her goal.

She will fight for that goal with a bag of tricks, a song in her head and a grin on her face.

Career Achievements

  • Top Contender in the London Underground league
  • Holds the record for “Most warnings in a single match”, which she considers an achievement.

Violet Jones posing