Get Ready!

You know us, always making room for improvements!

This all-new Golden Polish Patch includes a number of elements that we have fine-tuned based on your feedback. We’ve also worked on new features and multiple fixes to make your experience in the arena optimal before full release.

Please note that after updating to this patch you will have to personalize your controls again (if you have mapped controls to a different button etc.)


Bjarne - Clone Tracker

  • Ability activates when opponents are below 60% HP.
  • Fixed overtime visibility issue.

Jackie - Desynced Speeder

  • Desynced speed greatly increased.
  • Increased acceleration and sliding speed.

Levka - Ghost Vision

  • Increased the time you can see opponents after getting desynced.
  • Increased the time you can see opponents while desync-firing.

Localization fixes

  • Fixed multiple instances of text that was not localized.
  • Fixed multiple instances of localized text not fitting its container.
  • Fixed multiple instances of localized text not updating after changing language.

Improved Gamepad Support

We know some of you strongly prefer Controllers over Keyboard+Mouse, either out of comfort or accessibility reasons. For this purpose, we overhauled how the gamepad interacts in-game to give you a proper tool to play with:

  • Gamepad input is now converted to a circular pattern to improve handling experience and consistency.
  • Implemented circular deadzone with configurable inner and outer in options menu
  • Implemented fully customizable extra turn acceleration with amount, delay, acceleration and active zone (angle) settings.

We also worked on additional QoL features and fixes to improve overall gamepad experience:

  • Improved gamepad/keyboard change detection.
  • Added and improved keybinding callouts for Gamepad.
  • Improved the navigation experience for in-game Character Selection.
  • Added multiple setting sliders for personalizing your gamepad experience.
  • Reworked Quick Chat for gamepad.

Note: After this update the players will need to customize their controls again.


  • Removed right mouse button (buying shortcut) in the store.
  • Added Unlock VFX to Athlete and weapon customization screen.
  • Updated ability title text colors.
  • Fixed the character model in the main menu disappearing or using a default engine material.
  • Fixed videos in Quantum Academy being stretched for some resolutions.
  • Fixed game crash when trying to change crosshair color after changing game language.
  • Fixed a bug that blocked players from entering Ranked 2 v 2 after creating a party the first time after opening the game.
  • Added the ability description to playbook.
  • Replays won’t exit directly after finishing, and the game will return to the replay screen after exiting.
  • Fixed issue with gamepad sliders after resetting setting to defaults.
  • Fixed some issues skin/outfit previewers visibility.
  • Fixed some instances where a weapon could have another weapon’s model.
  • Fixed some collision and clipping issues for spectator and player.
  • Fixed new “match found” sound effect playing multiple times in custom match lobby.
  • Rearranged some settings in options menu, including new sensitivity sliders for gamepad.