Get Ready!

Hello Quantum Athletes, we’ve got cool new things in store for you to kick off the new release cycle!

We’ve also worked on new features and multiple fixes to improve your experience in the arena!

Quark bundles

Now you can buy quark bundles and get your favorite athlete outfits and weapon skins right away!

Passive updates


Movement speed is increased while desynced.


Replace your blaster for a primary weapon during the loop.

Weapon balance tweaks

Rifle: Increased muzzle speed. Grenade Launcher: Decreased reload time, increased damage curve.


  • Fixed multiple visibility issues with Bjarne’s ability.
  • Playbook timelines are now cleared correctly after overtime.
  • In-game ammo displays now work for spectator.
  • Fixed sensitivity slider allowing setting 0 as a value.
  • Fixed an issue where the loop could play slowly after overtime.
  • Playbook now isn’t affected by the weapon’s current FOV.
  • Shooting range targets are now disabled the first time until the challenge starts.
  • Fixed party leader icon not appearing correctly.
  • Removed objective and added point capture UI in Time Loop Drill.
  • Headshot announcer feedback can now only be heard by the player that hit the headshot.
  • Obscured vision around the Rifle scope to allow for better shots.
  • Tweaked loading screen visually and added queue info (e.g. Ranked 1 vs 1).
  • Fixed that changing effects options in-game didn’t work.
  • Desync/Resync UI elements are now present in Time Loop Drill.