Get Ready!

We’re calling all Quantum Athletes, ‘cause it’s time to play with all-new abilities!

Each athlete has been equipped with a passive ability giving them more personality and making each match more unique. Your playstyle, the arena and game mode, your teammate picks, everything has to be taken in account when choosing your athlete before a match!

Abilities can be switched on only in Custom Match, we want to test the feature and receive feedback from the community before enabling them in casual and ranked matches so feel free to join our discord if you still haven’t.

We’ve also worked on new features and multiple fixes to improve your experience in the arena!

Carnival event is on

Let’s party! The Carnival Outfits are available for a limited time so go get them!


Justin: Prefire Booster

Your clones inflict increased weapon damage to opponents in future timelines.

Toure: Kinetic Shield

Accumulate a damage reduction shield while moving at sprinting speed.

Violet: Arsenal

Swap between all primary weapons during the loop.

Bjarne: Clone Tracker

Opponents with low health can be seen through solid objects.

Jackie: Aerial Impulse

Jump in mid air to perform an additional vertical impulse.

Levka: Ghost Vision

Briefly spot opponents right after they are desynced and while desync-firing.

Athlete Selection

Now that athletes have different abilities, we figured everyone should be able to pick their character according to Game Mode and arena!

You can now choose your character in-game, right before the match starts, and check which athlete your 2v2 teammate is choosing. Your default selected athlete will be the one you chose in the Athletes screen.


We’ve made some changes to the tutorial for a faster and smoother experience.

  • FPS training tutorial has been disabled.
  • Added pop-up showing rewards for completing each step.
  • Ranked overtime tutorial is now mandatory before playing a ranked match.


  • Reduced laser warmup time.
  • Melee attacks now won’t trigger barrels from behind obstacles.
  • Ragdolls will now collide properly in Container Yard.
  • Healthpack VFX now won’t disable other visual effects while overlapping.