Get ready for a ton of fun

Hello Quantum Athletes! This is the last update of 2020 and it includes a highly anticipated feature and several quality of life improvements in the game.

Rifle Scope

A lot of players asked for this feature and now we are thrilled to introduce the first iteration of the Rifle Scope.

We made scoping transitions quick and snappy as we wanted to keep the current fast paced experience of aiming and shooting with this weapon, but that’s not all, we also added a pinpoint accuracy indicator!

Resync awareness

We added a new compass when opponents resync and it will allow you to see their position for a brief moment.

  • Game-mode selector and Play buttons are now located in the main menu as part of an ongoing UX revamp.
  • Options button in the main menu is now located at the top-right corner.
  • The Reward Track screen will now display the current players tier page by default.