Match Replays

We’re bringing back a feature that alpha testers may recognize: Match Replays are back!

Now, you’ll be able to see a list of your last played matches from a tab in Player Profile, and rewatch them from a spectator’s perspective. You’ll be able to recapture your best moments from a different perspective, or get a better look at the strategies used by the other player as well.

An important note is that match replays base their action on the server’s reality, so if you have high ping what you see in replays may not match 1 to 1 to what you experienced while playing.

Spectator QoL

We collected many suggestions from all of you and watched hours and hours of tournament casts on Twitch to prepare this list of fixes and improvements to the Spectator:

  • FIX: Game mode objectives now display correct team colors when spectating
  • FIX: Desynced clones now have correct materials
  • FIX: Third person camera now follows the desynced clone instead of its ragdoll
  • FIX: First person hud now shows the correct version of the lifebar
  • FIX: Loop number is now shown properly in 1st and 3rd person
  • FIX: Spectator camera now shows correct shader when going through a player model
  • SUGGESTION: Spectators are now also counted for ending the point review
  • SUGGESTION: Added player name below clone number to differentiate players
  • SUGGESTION: Added shortcuts to switch directly to different clones in a loop
  • SUGGESTION: If following current clone, the camera will switch to the new active clone on loop resets
  • Added a simple, togglable shortcut list to the Spectator mode HUD.

Many of the new shortcuts for the Spectator can be changed from the Options menu.

New Player Experience

  • Newcomer mode disabled
  • Made the Health Pack tutorial mandatory for new players
  • Simplified the Basic tutorial’s firing range challenge

Other Changes

  • Toned down the Shotgun’s long range effectiveness - We’ve increased the pellet spread both when hipfiring and focusing, and lowered the headshot multiplier from 1.5x to 1.3x
  • Weapons sounds have been updated
  • All players can now turn the overhead player names display from an option in the Game section.
  • When selecting maps in Custom Match, the loop length option defaults to the official loop length