New cosmetics store

Did you ever miss out on a cosmetic item that you really wanted to get? Do you have too many quarks but nothing to spend them on? The new store is made for you!

Starting from this update, we’re introducing the Store screen, from which you’ll be able to see a selection of daily items and special offers that refresh regularly.

Most of the weapon and character skins we’ve added there are brand-new, although you may also find some past exclusives making a comeback as well!

New map: Museum

It’s time for a brand-new map, based on a totally new environment: Museum!

Why go to a boring old building to study natural history with stuffed animals when you can travel in time to see for yourself? Museums like these have seen their visitors drop drastically since the popularization of time tourism, and so have had to turn to other modes of financing, like leasing out their great hall to Quantum League matches for instance!

This release of Museum is a 2v2 domination map. Coordinate with your teammate to maintain control of the map’s 5 points, and learn to dominate the wide open spaces and long lines of sight afforded by this grand hall style of architecture.

The more acrobatic athletes will be able to find a safe route to most locations of the map through the suspended plesiosaur fossils that dominate the room.

Museum will be available in the 2v2 Casual queue, and can also be found in the Custom match list to try it out with different variables.

Let us know if you’re enjoying this new level, this will help us fine-tune its 1v1 and capture versions.

New Reward Track up!

We’ve activated a brand-new reward track with new skins to unlock! We’re making it a bit longer than the previous ones, both in terms of levels to unlock and the time you have to unlock them. Additionally, we’re trying out a thing where we make the first few levels easier to get, in order to give new players something to look forward to even if they start playing with the reward track already underway.

Known Issues

  • In some cases, the “paradox ghost” shader effect in point review / spectator may break and display a grey checkerboard pattern instead of the usual hologram.