Quantum League - Trick or Treat!

Halloween Skins!

BOO! For a limited time, you’ll be able to view and unlock six legendary Halloween skins, one for each Athlete. Get them before they vanish back into the night, one week from now!

Quantum League - Halloween Skins

Single Player practice in Custom Match

We’re happy to also deliver a highly upvoted suggestion in this minor update: the ability to enter a level by yourselves in custom match to practice there.

To access this, just enter the Custom Match screen without being in a party and select “Single Player” in the “Player Setup” setting.

Custom Match - Single Player

All levels you enter this way will have the same ruleset and objectives as those you encounter in the multiplayer queues. Time Loops are active too, so you can practice setting up the next meta-breaking death strat as much as you want! (just kidding 🎃)

However, as this mode of play lacks other players, you will see some differences in the way matches begin and end. Namely, the intro and outro sequences will be shorter since we’ve had to skip all places where other players would have been featured.