Weapon Buttstrokes

Starting from this update, you’ll have a new tool at your disposal in those last-second plays, where your primary and secondary weapons have both been spent: just bash your opponent on the noggin’ with the butt of your gun!

Buttstrokes can be triggered from any character posture with any equipped weapon at the press of a button (V by default). They interrupt reloads & swaps and apply 25 points of damage to the first clone caught in the effect area. After having used it, you will need to wait a short cooldown period before being able to trigger it again.

We are introducing this feature mainly to avoid uneasy standoffs where both players are waiting on their weapons to become available with nothing to do, which is a not-so-fun moment that we’ve seen happens pretty often. This “last-resort” context has also informed the way we’ve balanced it - make sure you let us know how you feel about this new addition!

Chat is back

We’re cautiously bringing full chat back to the game, working in the same way as it was before Early Access. Press Enter (by default) to open the chat box and type away, to your team or everyone in the match.

We cannot stress enough how we’d really like everyone to be civil and chill when talking to other players through this feature! If you are the victim of abusive chat, please make sure to report the player from the post-match button. Alternatively, you can still disable chat from the options menu if it’s something you’d rather not interact with.

Quantum Arena Night - Alt version

We’re introducing an alternate version of the classic Quantum Arena map to differentiate the day and night versions more. The alt version is still Point Capture, but features different health pack & explosive barrel placement, and adds jump pads for a different, more aerial flow.

You will be able to find the alt version in the 1v1 Casual rotation, and custom match. We’ll be adding more variations of other levels in the coming updates.

Quantum League Night - Alternate layout

New Reward Track up!

We’ve activated a brand-new reward track with new skins to unlock! You may notice that it is definitely not spooky nor related to any possible Curcubita-related celebration forthcoming in the near future 👀.

Manual Reload option

As per a highly-upvoted suggestion, we are now letting you choose whether your character reloads automatically when the charger is empty.

You will find this option (off by default) in the “Gameplay” section of the options screen.