This hotfix update addresses a couple of feedback points and reports received from update 0.8.0.

Jump and Gravity strengths tweaked

We’re pretty happy with the movement overhaul introduced in the previous update, but after careful consideration we wanted to scale back some of the changes to retain a bit of the previous feel.

  • Gravity strength lowered by 31%, Jump strength lowered by 23% - this should recover some of the aerial play that was lost in the previous update.
  • Movement speed cap raised by 22%.

Fix to Overhead Indicators delayed appearance

In the previous update, we had bumped the time it took for the overhead indicators from 0 to 0.25s, but some of you reported that it was taking much longer than that in some cases.

Thanks to those reports, we found out that the timer was running on in-game time and thus was being affected by slowmo. Timer is now running in “real” time.