We’re thrilled to kick off the 0.8 update cycle, which will be themed around core gameplay improvements. After our initial EA release, we’ve been accumulating a treasure trove of good feedback from you, our community, on the base aspects of Quantum League that are still not matching your expectations.

Tighter character locomotion

QL’s movement has been described by some as “sluggish” or “floaty”, and we’ve been trying to improve on this for a long time, but each change we tried had more side effects than desirable ones. These last weeks, we took a deep dive into our movement code and found the inconsistencies which were hampering our ability to balance locomotion variables correctly.

Having addressed them, our ability to configure the character movement to match our goals was much improved, which resulted in what we believe is a faster-feeling and tighter gameplay experience overall.

In a nutshell, the game now correctly enforces the speed caps we set, so we’ve been able to boost both horizontal and vertical acceleration values. This results in characters which are quicker to start moving and change direction, but also jumps are now made at Earth-gravity. With the new jumps, we’ve adjusted the strength of jump-pads in all levels to match the previous experience.

Finally, we’ve added slight camera-shake reactions to making landfall to provide better feel to jumping and touching down again.

We know that many of you have built your skills on the previous movement scheme and most likely go through an inevitable adaptation period, but in our opinion, it’s totally worth it.

Timeframed Leaderboards

In addition to the all-time ranked leaderboards, we’ve added ranked leaderboards that only filter out player activity in the last 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days.

How to access the leaderboard timeframes

We hope this provides players with better ways to measure their performance against people who are playing at the same time as them.

Server instance tick stability improved

We’ve changed the way server instances spin up and down to remove potential CPU spikes when new instances are created. This will result in a more stable tick rate overall, but specially in high server load scenarios.

New Reward Track available!

A new Reward Track with brand-new weapon and athlete skins has been activated!

Other changes

  • Overpass - Domination map will now have normal chances to appear.
  • Realigned Playbook default positions throughout all maps.