“Gun Jam bug” fixed!?

We mostly decided to do this update because we are 99% confident to have fixed the infamous “Gun Jam bug” that was plaguing matches and tournaments.

This bug caused the weapon to appear “jammed” after a reload, and left its victims unable to shoot with their equipped weapon.

We have tested this one extensively internally and are confident enough to release it. We’re definitely sure we’ve fixed this iteration of the bug, but, as always, a bug may have more than one cause, so just in case stay on the lookout for it for at least some more days, just in case ;)

Double binding for gameplay actions

We’re introducing the ability to double-bind most in-game actions. From the Controls section in the Options screen, you’ll now be able to bind two different inputs to the same action.

Please note that not all possible bindings have been enabled for double-bind. We left out those that we deemed were situational and may have caused unnecessary binding conflicts.

If you find yourself needing to also double-bind those we left out, please let us know!

Cargo is now on the Ranked 2v2 queue

You will now be able to compete “officially” in the league in this map. This should bring much needed variety to the ranked queue.

We appreciate all those community members who took the time to vote on whether the map was ready for inclusion! It made the decision feel much better knowing we had your support.

Stay tuned to our social channels for the next poll on maps that may make the cut for Ranked!