Weapon Skins are here!

We’re so happy to finally release weapon cosmetics! We’ve had a prototype version of this feature cooking for a long time, and it feels great to finally share it with you.

A new item has been added to the main menu, from which you’ll be able to access the cosmetics for each weapon.

Weapon cosmetics are linked to each weapon, not character, so equipping a skin in one weapon lets all characters play using that weapon skin.

We hope you find one that suits you in the current selection, and hope you’ll grow your collection with each new update!

Domination Game Mode

With this update, we’re introducing a new Game Mode: Domination. This Game Mode is centered around maintaining a series of objectives distributed around levels under your team’s control. Whichever has control over the majority of objectives at the end of the loop, wins the point.

Domination objectives are smaller versions of the Capture mode’s points, and flip to the color of the clone that walks over it. This enables you to try and establish greater control over the timeline and the arena.

Overpass - Domination

The team feels that this new game mode can bring a much more cerebral experience to arenas, and this is why we wanted to introduce it by providing an alternate version of one of our fastest arenas: Overpass.

Overpass in Domination now focuses on establishing domination over 5 objectives, distributed on both layers of the arena. Locations of the team spawns and gameplay objects have been modified to make room for the control point.

This version of Overpass has been added to the Casual 1v1 queue for everyone to try out. Additionally, you can test it out in 2v2 from the Custom match screen. Please let us know how you like this new game mode - we are excited to bring both new and adapted levels to this game mode in future updates!

Update on map rotations in Casual queue

We have benched two alt maps from the Casual 1v1 queue: Quantum Arena (day) and Container Yard (night). They are still available in the Custom Match list.

The main reason for this is that now that we’re introducing the Domination version of Overpass, we feel that alternate versions of maps should have some gameplay differences in addition to looking differently. In future updates, we will be reintroducing these alternate versions with concrete map layout or even game-mode changes.

New Reward Track live!

In celebration for the addition of weapon skins, a new reward track has been activated! Unlock a legendary skin for the Grenade Launcher by completing the first reward level.

Other changes & improvements

  • Grenade Launcher damage envelope tweaked - the damage this weapon’s explosions make is now more nuanced based on where and when they go off.
  • Map Game Mode label added to Custom Match.