Cargo Beta

July’s new map & environment is Cargo - a 2v2 capture map set in a repurposed freighter. We have been teasing this one for far too long, so we’re happy to finally put it in your hands to play!

Cargo is currently only available in the Casual 2v2 queue and Custom matches. We’ve been testing it internally, but we know that there will always be something we’ve missed - that is why we’re calling it “beta”. We’re eager to get your feedback and see your cool plays in this level - our goal is to be able to add it to the ranked playlist soon, which is in great need for variety for 2v2s.


You can now add spectators to your custom matches! When spectating, you can choose to fly around the level, follow any clone in third person view or even jump into first person view.

We’re happy to deliver an oft-requested feature (especially by tournament organizers) that will no doubt help explain the game better to outsiders, and in addition show off great plays in better detail.

We hope to extend and polish this feature in the coming updates! In the meantime, there are some known issues that you may encounter:

  • In Capture modes, the highlight color of the capture area may not match the team colors
  • Some UI in the spectator HUD does not match the current style
  • The first person view may not match 1 to 1 what that player is seeing, since we’re reading server data.


We’re always looking to add new ways to get critical information on important match events, and so we’re debuting a Killfeed HUD element.

Located in the top left of the screen, this will give you accurate information on which clone killed which, and when. We initially experimented with it showing potential / future events, but it wasn’t doing its job of giving players accurate information, so we went for a straight approach that only lists what has happened during that loop.

Grenade Launcher improvements

You had raised many issues with how the GL was working, and so we took a long hard look at its internals and design characteristics to understand what wasn’t working.

In this update, we’ve completely revamped projectile trajectory physics to keep bounces under control (instead of shooting off to whenever), and made adjustments to damage volume growth so that it’s effective area matches the explosion visuals better.

Finally, we made reloading slightly faster after each shot.

All changes considered, while the explosion’s damage output wasn’t touched from how it was before, these improvements end up as a net buff to that weapon. This may get adjusted in the next update if we observe that they become too prevalent.

Crosshair Options

Some crosshair customization options have been added to the “Game” options menu!

You can now change crosshair color and toggle dynamic recoil display. We know there’s a lot of room to improve here as well, but we felt that adding those basic options provided a much-needed accessibility boost.

New Reward Track live!

Unlock new skins for all characters in this new reward track!

Other improvements

  • Capture point light VFX dimmed a little to improve visibility when looking at it
  • Smaller pistol muzzle flash to improve crosshair zone visibility
  • Improved bullet tracers visibility