How are you doing, devs?

We’re all in good health and working, although our local area is looking at a full fourth month of mandatory stay-at-home rules. We’re still discovering new unique ways in which working from home is different from being all together at the office, and are still adapting our practices to deliver the same level of quality as before.

Now, on to the changelog!

Chat reboot

We’re rolling out a QuickChat feature with some predefined texts that you can use to communicate with our teammate and opponent(s) with only a couple of key presses. Obviously this does not allow the full spread of expression as a full chat (we’re still testing the waters on that one), but we hope that this system will allow you to cover the most usual interactions.

Feel free to suggest more entries for the different QuickChat menus!

Ranked / Casual split

As mentioned in our last Dev Team Preview, this update brings changes to how the casual and ranked queues track players.

  • Public ELO is now only affected by Ranked matches.
  • Casual queue matches will matchmake players with a more volatile algorithm.
  • Leaderboards will now only track matches won and lost in Ranked matches. As a result we’ve reset the data to begin counting with the new metric.

Note: as before, you will need to complete a match for your data to be shown in the leaderboard.

We hope this brings more clarity to the leaderboards and also removes one barrier for mainly ranked players to have fun in Casual without consequences to their Ranked stats.

New Reward Track live!

Unlock new skins for all characters in this new reward track!

Other improvements

  • Sprint and Focus can now be set to “Toggle” in the option menus.
  • Changes to the health info display in the HUD.
  • Tutorial video volume now respects the Master volume setting.
  • Fixed the grenade launcher explosion VFX’s size not matching up with its damage area.
  • Fixed the laser VFX’s origin from being delayed from the weapon’s muzzle