We’ve got version numbers now!

This is patch 0.7.1, which means that our recent Early Access release was 0.7.0. We hope this is clearer to you than just build IDs or some other name.

Container Yard now in 2v2 Casual Queue

This is a combination you could already make in Custom Match, but we’ve been having so much fun with it that we decided to add it to the 2v2 Casual queue.

Container Yard is a Free-for-All map, and 2v2 FFA is intense, roaring fun. We hope you enjoy it too!

Fixes & Changes

  • Tweaked the Matchmaking rules to prioritize closer-skill matches. As a result, matchmaking times may increase slightly if no close-skill players are looking for a match at that time.
  • Fixed an issue where players would queue in a party and end up on opposing teams
  • Fixed some localized texts which didn’t have the right context
  • Fixed inverted mouse Y axis on setups with AZERTY keyboard
  • Fixed an issue where firing weapons would glitch out on changing weapons while desynced
  • Fixed “Skip Replay” when re-binding the Space Bar
  • Fixed character name length on the leaderboards
  • Fixed several random client crashes

Known Issues

  • The GL grenades and explosion VFX may disappear shortly during gameplay, even though they will continue applying damage.