Early Access!

We’re thrilled to finally be out on Steam Early Access! We are eager to share our roadmap to 1.0 with you very soon. In the meantime, we’d like to take a moment to highlight what has changed in the game from our Open Beta up until now.

Levels and maps

Players from the Open Beta remember that 1v1 had Quantum Arena and Overpass / Chronos available, and 2v2 had only Quantum Stadium active.

In terms of brand-new content, we’ve added the Container Yard map to Casual 1v1, which is another “Free-for-all” mode level. We believe it shows a different facet of the FFA mode, being more about a playing a game of cat-and-mouse with your opponent instead of the head-on confrontation shown in Overpass.

Additionally, we’ve added “Night mode” alts for some outdoors maps: Quantum Arena, Quantum Stadium and Container Yard.

Finally, we’ve moved the outermost health orbs in Overpass closer to each side’s spawn points, to prevent players from instantly racing to grab them. It’s a small change but we hope it opens up that map’s strategies a bit more.

There’s more exciting stuff planned for levels down the road, with our current focus being in providing more maps to play in 2v2 (both casual and ranked). Some of you may already have had a glimpse of the new map being worked on!

Weapons: Feel & Hit Registration

One of the most salient points of feedback from the Open Beta has been that weapon feel was very uneven across different weapons. We reworked all of our first weapon animations to correct on-screen weapon positions, improved the sound design and all the VFX associated with pulling a trigger. Crosshairs have also been reworked to provide a more consistent aiming experience.

While there’s always room for improvement in that area, we think we’re at least in a better place than during the Open Beta.

Another area where we’ve put extra effort is in making sure that shots register correctly across all possible timelines and latencies. The Open Beta provided a lot of data on this, and we’ve managed to fix many near-invisible problems which were affecting hit reg.

Leagues and Matchmaking

We’ve reworked the League promotion and demotion rules to remove much of the confusion experienced by competitive-minded players during the Open Beta. Players will now be able to progress from bronze up to diamond ranks by earning 100 points in each rank therein. Winning and losing will change your league points.

We’ve also added separate casual and ranked queues, with different map selections in each of them. Casual has a wider selection of maps, while the ranked playlist will be focused on battle-tested maps and Point Capture modes for now.


We’ve bolstered our tutorial offer, with both interactive and video lessons on different aspects of the game. We’ve also added a “newcomer” queue where players can match with other players with a level lower than 5 for now. We’re always looking for mechanics that need better explanations, so these tutorials will surely expand in future updates.

Other Features

We’ve added the “Reward Track” to the game: this feature will enable us to put together timed reward events where playing earns you different rewards, be they quarks, new skins or whichever unlockables the future updates may bring. There are no plans of having “premium” reward tracks in the foreseeable future, all players will see and be eligible to unlock the same rewards.

Known Issues

We’re always trying to have the game as defect-free as possible, and we’ve received reports since launch of some things we’re looking to fix:

  • OBS not detecting “Quantum League” as game
  • Detected an exploit where a malicious player stalls the game server, forcing their opponent to quit and take a loss
  • Leaderboard screen visual is broken by too long names
  • In-game Chat is currently disabled - we need to understand how to comply with various legislations around the world on in-game chat before we enable it again.
  • Matchmaking reports match found, but bounces the player back to main menu after a short loading
  • Server latency spikes
  • Rebinding jump disables Skip Point Replay
  • Unable to sort leaderboard by ELO
  • Rare cases where weapon do not registers LMB
  • Changing display resolution from windowed to Fullscreen does not scale detection correctly
  • Player picture not loading correctly (White picture)
  • Some sounds are heard in 2D while should be 3D
  • Parties that unlock ranked need to disband the party before being able to continue
  • 100% CPU usage caused by EAC triggering Windows Antimalware Service

Post-publish add:

  • We have been alerted that controller rebinding is currently difficult / not possible on some configs

The above is not an exhaustive list, we invite everyone to send us your reports if you don’t see them listed here.