Hey, fellow time travelers! We just wanted you to know that we’ve been reading all your feedback with care because the Free Open Beta has exactly that purpose… to know what you think so that we can improve Quantum League!

So, in the spirit of making this the best game ever, we launched a new update that contains:

“New” map in rotation!

For the last weekend of the Open Beta, we wanted to give you a taste of what’s in the pipeline in terms of new maps to play in, by swapping Overpass for CHRONOS, which is another “Point Capture” mode map with a very different experience from Quantum Arena. For those who still wanted to play Free For All, the Overpass map is still available in the Custom Match list.

Switched Matchmaking criteria to prioritize ELO

Now that everyone has had time to play and become familiar with the game, for the final weekend we’re prioritizing ELO over account levels for matchmaking, in the hopes you’ll find more balanced & challenging matches.

Daily Boost system

We’ve added a small daily system to reward players who complete matches. By completing (winning OR losing) up to three matches in a 24-hour period, you will receive extra amounts of currency.

The 24 hour period currently resets at 12:00 pm (noon) GMT.

Balance change: Reduced SMG headshot multiplier from 2.5x to 2.0x

While we have received a great amount of feedback on weapon balance during these last days, the only clear-cut actionable we’ve found is that the SMG damage output for players who are able to consistently land headshots was a bit higher than we expected. There were other changes we considered but we realized that they were changing the game in unpredictable ways, so we decided to hold off on them for now.

Chat can now be disabled from the in-game options menu

We realize that we shipped the beta without any tools to protect or report abusive players, and we’d like to apologize if you’ve had a bad experience during a match. We’re making it so you can silently toggle the chat from the option menu for now. We’ve also made plans to improve on this important aspect before release. We love the community that has grown around QL during the Open Beta and we want to make sure it remains a place where good sportsmanship and respect are valued.

See you in the Open Beta!

QOL updates

  • Fixed a nasty random stutter affecting some of our players.
  • Fixed some cases where enemies weren’t visually highlighted in the HUD.
  • Fixed some barrels hitting you through walls.
  • Made it so that the timeline widget (bottom center) changes color immediately at the end of a loop to indicate who had the scoring advantage.
  • Fixed a condition that prevented you from getting the Health Orb if you were standing on it while it recharged. Now, if two players are standing on the Health Orb while it charges, whomever was first to get there will receive it.
  • Fixed some cases which caused the game to crash (the keyword here is some 👼)

IMPORTANT REMINDER! There will be level transfers to the full game, which means that everything you win and play will still be there once we launch Quantum League in Early Access!

Check out the new changes and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to review the Open Beta on Steam if you haven’t already and to wishlist the full game!