Open Beta is almost here!

Open Beta content

In order to accomodate the shorter duration and influx of new players, we’ve limited the available content compared to closed beta.

Playable maps

  • Singles: Quantum Arena & Overpass.
  • Doubles: Quantum Stadium.

Character cosmetics

  • Reduced the amount of available skins for all characters.

We’ve done this to let new players gain more mastery over the maps for the duration of the Open Beta.

Revamped the Customization screen

Remember all those coins you were stockpiling before, but had nowhere to spend? Well, guess what! We’ve overhauled the character cosmetics selection to turn it into a list, rather than a grid of icons.

Additionally, we’re debuting actual unlocks for character skins using the currency system. Now you’ll be able to truly show off your earned skins, knowing that not just anyone can have them.

Daily Boost system

We’ve added a small daily system to reward players who complete matches. By completing (winning OR losing) up to three matches in a 24-hour period, you will receive extra amounts of currency.

The 24 hour period currently resets at 12:00 pm (noon) GMT.

HUD Improvements

  • Added a peripheral damage and low health feedbacks to the edges of the screen to reinforce when you are taking damage from shots or explosions.
  • Switched nearby explosion warning to spatial compass.
  • Improved accuracy and reactivity of all on-screen compasses.
  • Added an on-screen key hint when players are standing on a jump pad so that they remember how to activate them.
  • Prevented some on-screen hints from showing up in awkward moments or behind UI.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Selecting a weapon in a second cycle sometimes caused the view to tilt upwards from leftover recoil if the weapon was firing at the end of the previous cycle.
  • Fixed some weapons not starting with a full magazine if last cycle a clone had died with the gun equipped.
  • Removed some unused UI elements from HUD in the Shooting Range.
  • Fixed players having to change tabs before the leaderboards load.
  • Added English VO to tutorial videos.
  • Updated the intro video to newer version.

See you in the Open Beta!