Wow, it’s been a long time since our late November update. As a result, this changelog might get a little crowded; I hope I don’t forget something!

How 2 not sux at Quantum League

They’ve been a long time coming, but we’re finally ready to introduce our first tutorials to the world! We believe that “less is more” when it comes to learning how to play an online game, however, and as a result we’ve focused our efforts in smoothing out the first contacts with the time loop mechanic on one hand, and on the other giving players contextual hints during regular gameplay of smaller mechanics they might’ve missed.

You will find the following Tutorial / Practice features in this update:

  • “Training” button added to the main menu
  • First-time tutorial flow (skippable)
  • Interactive tutorial and videos
  • Shooting range level: play without a time loop in a dedicated level and test out all weapons
  • Practice grounds prototype: play a capture point mode against harmless dummy bots
  • Contextual gameplay hints which will slide in from the right (on by default)
  • An setting to disable said hints in the Options menu 😉

A minor known issue is that the tutorial will trigger even if you’re a long-time player.

If you introduce new friends to the game, do let us know if these new features help their understanding of the game! We’ll be bringing improvements and polish to these in the near future.

We messed around with guns again

Ok, I know we’ve been over this many times in the past, but we’ve gone back and tweaked a bunch of things regarding the SMG and pistol mostly, and fixed minor things on the Sniper and Shotgun. The GL and Laser will get some love in the next update.

The big changes are:

  • Rewrote how patterns work to make them more reliable. SMG and Pistol have new patterns.
  • Lowered spread in many shooting scenarios. We realized we were being too punishing to people who moved and shot at the same time, hurting the dynamic nature of gunfights.
  • Made pistol more accurate when not focusing
  • Lowered the pistol’s headshot damage multiplier (Pistol headshot damage is now 40)

The smaller, nicer changes are:

  • New muzzle flashes applied on Sniper, Shotgun, SMG and Pistol
  • Reworked the bullet trails to be smoother in slow motion
  • Tweaked the camera shakes and kicks to make shooting feel more fun

Player Profile section

Some of you old timers may remember that we used to have leaderboards ranking people over their MMR numbers and a Win/Lose ratio based value. We brought these back as part of the brand-new “Player Profile” section, in which we’ve also folded the Match Replays (now “Match History”).

The leaderboards show the top 100 players for a given metric, and your own position in the case you (like me) are not in the top 100 of anything.

In-game HUD Major Surgery

We sat down to think long and hard about our on-screen info during a match, and reworked nearly everything:

  • The round clock is now at the bottom of the screen. This is a bigger change than it may seem tbh, but we believe it’s more visible there.
  • We’ve reworked the active clone health bar area, to show the full health status of all of your clones.
  • In 2v2 matches, you can now see the current health bar and clone status of your teammate as well.
  • Reworked the visuals of the overhead indicators to make them clearer and less intrusive.
  • Reworked the objective area of all game modes. The top of the screen is now the official objective area, separate from the timer / timeline displays.
  • We’ve added portraits and names for players in a match at the screen’s corners.
  • Added a compass pointing you to the nearest active health orb when you get desynced.
  • Reworked the weapon selection widget, we now show the status of the sidearm as well.

I’m sure there’s more but I can’t remember. It’s a lot! We sincerely hope you like it.

Misc stuff!

  • We’ve merged the character customization and play buttons into the “Play Lobby” screen. Select your desired game mode from the menu above the “ready” button
  • Added a “League Status” widget in the main menu sidebar
  • Added a “News” widget in the main menu sidebar
  • You can now change the viewport FOV in the Options screen (between 80 and 104)
  • Cooler music for the Player Intros

Known Issues

  • While in party, matchmaking might fail randomly. We’re still looking as of why, your reports in this area will be very appreciated.
  • A tutorial item called “Arena Features” cannot be unlocked. (We haven’t done it yet)
  • Leaderboards might not load sometimes, changing tabs will fix the problem
  • Selecting a weapon while in game moves the view upwards sometimes
  • Devs-Community Tournament is stuck in space-time limbo