Player Intros

We’ve always looked for ways to allow players to highlight their characters & skins, and create moments in which players can also feel like they’re part of that universe’s most important spectator sport.

This is why we’re excited to debut a version of Player Intros, currently limited to one default intro per character. These short intros will play right after the map loads, showcasing each players’ currently equipped skin.

Down the road, we will be adding more of these intros for players to choose the one that represents them best.

We hope you enjoy these!

Weapon balance changes

We know that “weapon balance changes” is often a set of words that sends shivers down any FPS gamer’s spine, but we hope that you will appreciate these. A few weeks back, many members of the community shared really in-depth and detailed feedback about the game’s weapons. We know we took our time, but we wanted to make reasoned changes since we know many of you rely on how these weapons work to play at your best skill.

The overview of changes is as follows:

  • All crosshairs have been calibrated to better reflect the current precision state of weapons.
  • Increased accuracy of projectile weapons when focusing.
  • Spread values & transitions between player motion states have been fixed and adjusted.
  • SMG: increased mag size to 16, increased reload time.
  • Rifle: no accuracy loss when moving while focused.
  • Pistol: lower accuracy when not focused.

We decided to focus on improving weapons with similar mechanics before we moved on the outliers. Our philosophy with this change was guaranteeing no random bullet deviation if you’re focusing.

As always, gunplay quality is something we hold very high in our list of priorities. Please test the new changes and let us know if we’re moving in the right direction!

Additional Custom Match gameplay options

We’ve added more gameplay modifiers to the custom match screen! This should allow you to test different scenarios in all levels by modifying the following mechanics:

  • Health Orbs can be set to Off, Normal or Recharge.
  • Overtime loop can be set On or Off (If nobody scores by the end of a loop, all clones respawn at the start).
  • Weapon selection can be set to Default or Free (players are able to switch weapons at will during gameplay).

HUD changes

Reworked the overhead clone indicators to highlight the active clone more, and modified the look of the main health bar.

NOTE: This is just the start of our final pass on the in-game HUD before Early Access release. We will update even more sections of the HUD in the coming updates until we reach our final design.

Other changes & improvements

  • Final version of the “Time Bubble” effect!
  • Parties will no longer fail to work after completing one match (requiring players to reform the party)
  • Can now kick or leave a party without having to close the client
  • Playing Custom Matches will no longer contribute Ladder points
  • Added a pop-up for when the server is undergoing maintenance or being updated