Match Replays (BETA)

Did you ever play an awesome match but forgot to record it? Did you ever wonder how your opponent pulled off that crazy move? Enter match replays!

A temporary “Replays” item has been added to the main menu. From here, you’ll be able to see a list of the recordings of the last matches you played. By selecting one of those, you’ll be able to view the full replay of that match.

The UI controls of the replay are still very much placeholder while we work on the proper experience, but we really wanted to put this tool in your hands early.

We are in the process of changing the design and layout of the menus. The most visible changes at the time are:

  • Nicer background gradient and lighting
  • Reworked character customization screen
  • Characters now have facial animations and are not as cross-eyed as before!

Updated menus

Please note however that this is only the start of our work in this area - expect many more improvements in this area in the coming updates.

Quantum League ladder fixes

We’ve found the missing league rank! It was hiding behind a bug 😊. It should now be accessible to the most skilled amongst you.

We’ve also fixed the leaderboards being flooded with players with a zero score. Now players in the board will all have played at least once.

Map rotation

We’ve added Overpass to the main map rotation! We’ve seen the data of some of you testing it out and decided it was time to bring it even more under the spotlight. All feedback on how to improve levels is welcome!

Basic pings

We’ve added an early version of pings to the game! Currently they are super basic, because we couldn’t agree on how tey should behave within the timeloop. Do they stay until the next cycle? Should they sta until you dismiss them? We don’t know!

If you would like to try it out, pinging the world is currently set with the Middle Mouse as default (rebindable)

Other changes & improvements

  • Made slides more slidey
  • EAC integrated into the game client (please report any technical issues you may encouter!)