Slide move

Did you ever sprint towards the point during the last miliseconds of the loop, only to fall a few centimeters short and end up losing the game? Now you can try to get a short term burst of speed by sliding!

Sliding gif!

Sliding is something that we’ve wanted to add for a long time, to give the game a more athletic feel. We hope you have fun with it!

To slide, you need to crouch while you sprint. The speed boost you get when starting the slide depends on how much time you were sprinting before.

2v2 HUD improvements

We thank you all for playing so many Doubles matches! We are making several smaller tweaks to the in-game HUD in an attempt to make it easier to tell who’s who in Doubles:

  • All player names are shown for both teams (instead of “Blue Team / Red Team”)
  • Player names are also shown below their active clone’s overhead indicator
  • Each player’s clones are assigned a specific color

Improved server region routing

There were some cases in which some players were being sent to servers in remote regions with no reason, leading to matches with unnecesarily high ping!

We fixed an issue with ping detection and reconfigured our regions, perceived pings should be much lower across the board.

Under the hood determinism fixes

Thanks to your reports, streams and videos, we were able to identify several areas of our tech in which we were able to improve the replication of clone actions and animations. There may still be cases where actions don’t replay exactly the same way, in that case we would love you sending us a report!

Map rotation

We heard your feedback on CHRONOS, and have made some tweaks to it to make it less feel stale at high levels of play. Namely, we’ve added to mid-lane health packs, and a jump pad in the bottom canal to make it easier to escape early.

This means that we’re re-adding CHRONOS to the default map rotation, so you may get it or Quantum Arena randomly when playing Singles.

Overpass screenshot

Overpass also makes a debut / comeback: this map was debuted a long time ago, but we had taken it out for visual and performance tweaks. We’re now happy to have him back, and with it a demo of a new mode that we call “Deathmatch”. You can test Overpass from the Custom Match menu. We would really love it if you can give us feedback on it, and maybe next update it will join the others in the default map rotation!

Playbook 0.5

We’re introducing the Playbook in all current levels. It is a sort of minimap / visual summary of the actions of all clones from the past round, and we hope you can use it as reference while you play.

This release of the feature is labeled “0.5” because there’s still a lot of stuff we want to add to it, but in the meantime we think it is also useful in its current form.

Other changes & improvements

  • Change to how jump pads work: you now need to JUMP while standing on them to get boosted
  • Objective markers now fade out if you’re aiming at something behind them
  • Added sound effects on match found and invite received
  • Changed the way the “VS” screen looks

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some actions not having a binding in options
  • Fixed the sprint animation not showing in clones
  • Fixed weapon reloads being exceptionally long if you reloaded during the slowmo at the end of a loop
  • Fixed several barrier physics issues & related crashes
  • Fixed too long wait times if a player quit during slowed-down time
  • Fixed Match Result screens not showing proper data in 2v2