Changes in the underlying server architecture

We are improving the way our network backend is organised so we can update future versions and work on new services more effectively.

Players should expect everything to work “as before”, but please let us know if you encounter any problems when accessing the game.

Temporarily disabled Custom Match

We are testing a new Party mode, which will be the basis for future doubles play. In the meantime, we have disabled the Custom Match feature until we get it working with the new system.

We know many of you use it to play against your friends, and will be working to recover the feature in the next update.

Improvements to character visuals

We are in the middle of an overhaul of character textures, animations and models.

As a result, only two characters are enabled (Bjarne & Touré) BUT you can preview their “Training” and “Urban” models!

This is temporary until we’re done fixing all characters.

Weapons graphical & audio overhaul

We have updated the base models for all weapons, with big visual changes for the Sniper and Shotgun.

Reload and shoot animations have been improved, with visible weapon moving parts.

Sounds for weapons have been changed towards a more realistic & concrete feel.

In-game Chat is back!

Press Enter to chat during the match.

Please be excellent to each other!

Chronos is now part of the default map rotation

We are confident that this map is shaping up nice and would like to give it more intensive testing.

If you play through Quick Play, there’s currently a random chance of getting either CHRONOS or Quantum Arena.

Partial Menu graphical update

Trying out a new, brighter color scheme! We will progressively update the other screens of the game in the coming weeks.

Various bug fixes and smaller improvements throughout the game.

Known Issues

The very first time you play, all characters will be locked and you will not be able to change them. The characters and their outfits will become unlocked after the first match you complete.