New Weapon: Laser Beam

We have added a new weapon to the game: the Laser Beam! (If you have a better name don’t hesitate in letting us know 😅)

This weapon does damage over time to whomever crosses the projected beam. It is recoilless, but has limited range.

If you fire it while pressing the RMB, it will produce a tighter beam which does more damage.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on this new weapon!

New Arena: CHRONOS

We have added a new map to the Custom Match list!

CHRONOS is a capture map with atypical symmetry. Instead of players starting from both ends of the field and meeting in the middle, they spawn side-by-side and must reach the end where the capture point is. The fact that players start side by side creates friction along the way, and requires converting a strong attack into a good defense to hold the point once reached.

The map is limited to the Custom Match so that you may test it before we add it to the default rotation.

Play it and then give us feedback so we can make it even better!

Leaderboards Updates

We have changed (yet again) the leaderboard to test a different setup. It is now organised similar to a ladder, and you may notice some UI changes to go with it as well. We hope this is the start of a fun and competitive way to engage with the game!

Sidearm switch

As we add more strategic weapons to the game, we found out that it was necessary to give players a fallback in case their strategy didn’t pan out. You can now switch between your picked primary weapon and your sidearm using the Q key (remappable).

Implemented Suggestions

We’re always listening to your suggestions on how to make the game even better! This update brings many items which were suggested by the Discord community:

  • Point replay can now be skipped if both teams agree to (by pressing the Spacebar)
  • Option to invert mouse look has been added to the Controls Options panel
  • We’ve added a confirmation pop-up before leaving a match from the ESC menu, to prevent accidental forfeits


  • Fix some cases in which the crouch would misbehave