Fixed projectile patterns

We have completely reworked our underlying tech for modeling how guns work under the hood.

This allows us to easily add behaviors and fine-tune the gun feel. We’re happy to deliver fixed patterns for the Pistol, SMG and Shotgun, as well as shooting animation improvements for all other guns.

Additionally, we have been able to include transitions in spread values when changing character movement states. For instance, shooting right after sprinting will incur in a fraction of second of accuracy penalty, so you’ll need to be more thoughtful of how you aim.


Characters are now able to crouch! Players can crouch by holding the Ctrl key by default (remappable in options).

Being crouched costs movement speed but will provide with additional stability for shooting, and may even save you from some headshots if done at the right moment!

FIX: Lag issue when playing at higher than 144 FPS

Thanks to your reports, we identified and fixed an edge case in Unreal 4.22 netcode which messed with the bitrate when playing at very high FPS.

The game should now be free of extra lag and run much more smoothly at all FPS settings.


  • Upgraded the game build to Unreal Engine 4.22.1
  • Allow players to focus their weapon while jumping
  • Fixed some situations where players in a Custom Match were not seeing the Match Ended screen