Paradox Vision

We are thrilled to share with you the latest Quantum League build! We have an exciting new feature we want you to check out: Paradox Vision!

Our current implementation means that you will be able to see all the alternate timelines which did not end up happening as an overlay over the point replay!

We expect you to be confused at first, but after a while it becomes a super helpful tool to show the different strategies at play.

Player Colors

We reverted the color scheme to “player-centric” mode. You will always be the blue/green player, and your opponent will always be red.

Dominance Leaderboard

We have retired the old “Win Ratio” leaderboard, and replaced it with a weekly “Dominance” leaderboard, which will reset every Sunday night.

The dominance formula is also based on your wins & losses, but it will give a better score to a 20W 10L player than a 2W 1L player.

We hope you enjoy climbing this new leaderboard! Under the hood, we’re using GameOn, and if this works correctly we hope to integrate more with that service in the future.

In-game options menu

It took us long enough! Thanks to the power of Suggestion Board voting, we now allow you to change settings from within a match. Please note that we do not pause gameplay when you are changing options!

We hope you enjoy this build! Please report any defects or bugs in the Discord!