We wanted to feature the community members who have been guiding and supporting us during our Beta, in the form of a short Q&A. Quantum League wouldn’t be what it is today without them!


QL: How long have you been in the world of video games?

AcceptableLosses: Around 20 years or so now. I started pretty young with NES and SNES.

QL: What is your favorite videogame?

AcceptableLosses: It’s always hard for me to settle on just one, but the Zelda series is what really got me hooked on the magic of gaming.

QL: How did you find out about the game?

AcceptableLosses: The Quantum League booth at PAX East 2019

QL: How did you find out about the game? Why did you decide to be a beta tester?

AcceptableLosses: There’s something really special about getting into a game in its early stages and being able to interact with the development team in feedback and suggestions, which the Quantum League team has done a great job of listening to and working with so far. It’s like you get to grow with the game as it comes to life. That, and I’ve been on the lookout for a solid, competitive shooter that isn’t a battle royale. Shooters are my favorite genre, but there’s been a lack of any recently that really grabbed me.

QL:What impressed you the most?

AcceptableLosses: The amount of early polish struck me the most at first. It was hard to notice from the gameplay that it was in an early stage of development still.

QL:What was the easiest concept to capture? And the most difficult?

AcceptableLosses: The easiest to pick up on was probably that your clones are following your exact actions and you can work around that in the future. The hardest for me was figuring out how future loops worked if there was no score in the initial loop.

QL:If you could travel in time, when would you travel and why?

AcceptableLosses: I probably wouldn’t go to the future. I think that’s best left as a surprise. I could see myself going back to the 1970/1980s and being able to go to concerts of some of my favorite bands and artists from the time while they were in their prime. Something simple, that probably won’t result in messing up timelines… too much at least.

QL:If you were a QL character, which would you be? Why?

AcceptableLosses: Most of the current roster seems to reflect the more athletic side of the League, so I’d probably be a contrast to that and being the nerdy competitor who spends way too much time studying and formulating his playbook.

Clone Strategy

QL:What is your favorite weapon?

AcceptableLosses: Pistol. I’ve always been a fan of pistols in games, and the Quantum League pistol is very solid with good accuracy and damage.

QL:What strategy do you like to follow when you play?

AcceptableLosses: I generally start out kind of defensive to get a feel for what my opponent is going to do, usually with the rifle to maybe get an early kill or force them into making a bad play. From there I’ll try to get more aggressive with the capture point, pushing towards it with a shotgun or SMG. That doesn’t always go to plan though. You have to be good at adjusting your strategy on the fly.

QL:Advice for new players?

AcceptableLosses: Number 1 for sure is making sure you’re focused on the point, which might be obvious, but your choices should always be based on getting you or a clone to the objective. Rounds are short and you can’t really afford to waste much time. For instance; you could kill that clone, but do you need to? Is it going to have any effect on you scoring? That’s the kind of stuff you have to ask yourself.


QL:Who would you recommend it to? Why?

AcceptableLosses: Anyone who likes old school FPS duels, or just wants an FPS that takes one main mechanic and does it well. There’s no filler or ultimate abilities, just straight up aim and strategy.

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We’ll see you in the arena soon enough!