We wanted to feature the community members who have been guiding and supporting us during our Beta, in the form of a short Q&A. Quantum League wouldn’t be what it is today without them!

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QL: How long have you been in the world of video games?

Link: 25 years if we count the very first Zelda; 16 years for PC.

QL: What is your favorite videogame?

Link: For console, Zelda when I was really young then Perfect Dark.

For PC, Hostile Intent, COD4, Tribes Ascend, Insurgency and now Quantum League!

Honorable mention - Warcraft 3 Tower Defense back in the day.

QL: How did you find out about the game? Why did you decide to be a beta tester?

Link: Found the game at twitch con, fell in love after I learned the basics!

QL:What impressed you the most?

Link: For me, it was the metagame/mental strategy.

QL:What was the easiest concept to capture? And the most difficult?

Link: Shooting 😉 then capping the middle point at the end of the final round. I come from objective/control point based games so I tend to gravitate towards those types of games.

Understanding Overtime was definitely the most difficult. I have heard others not realizing medkits respawn you and others not understand desync.

QL:If you could travel in time, when would you travel and why?

Link: I don’t know if I would to be honest. Maybe I would go back to 2011 and keep streaming on twitch when it first came out or go invest in Facebook or Instagram haha - but I actually like where I am at now :)

QL:If you were a QL character, which would you be? Why?

Link: I’m definitely the big dude because he’s built like a gorilla. I can relate to that :p

Quantum League group photo

QL:What is your favorite weapon?

Link: The sniper for sure. It is so satisfying to get headshots.

QL:What strategy do you like to follow when you play?

Link: I don’t know if I can reveal too many of my secrets. Burgh may get mad haha.

The strategy in 1v1s and 2v2s is a bit different. I love 2v2s a lot more than 1v1s because of the mental depth. I like to force my opponent into my strategy but also adjust on the fly as need be.

The barrel strat where you kill yourself early-ish to make yourself invisible is pretty neat. In the following rounds, you shoot the barrel before your previous clone/bot can shoot it. Then that clone/bot will carry out whatever you did while desynced. It’s a cool little trick because while you’re desynced/dead you can shoot and run around as if you were alive. If you save that clone/bot the next round he will run around doing whatever you did while desynced/dead.

It’s a cool strat but a little telegraphed. There is a lot of adjusting on the fly in Quantum League. Communication is key. :)

QL:Advice for new players?

Link: A lot of my friends have complained about the initial feel of the aiming. The bullets are all projectile because of the time rewind. My advice is to try it out, if it frustrates you, put it down for a day or two then try it again. There definitely is a learning curve. The projectiles are necessary for the game mechanics and allow people to move around more and make plays. Once you get over that first hour or two of playing the game really shines.

Second, the concepts are tough if you have never broken a game down mechanically. There is A LOT going on but that is what makes the game so good at a high level. Stick with it, but if you need help - just ask in discord or ask me!

QL:Who would you recommend it to? Why?

Link: Definitely FPS gamers who like 200iq stratting. You start off playing checkers but find out that Quantum League is actually 3D chess.