We wanted to feature the community members who have been guiding and supporting us during our Beta, in the form of a short Q&A. Quantum League wouldn’t be what it is today without them!


QL: How long have you been in the world of video games?

Zeto: I’ve been playing video games for like uhh 10+ish years now, started with flash games and then moved up to console and later on PC!

QL: What is your favorite videogame?

Zeto: This is a hard one, probably The Witcher 3 (I know super lame answer but ayy).

QL: How did you find out about the game? Why did you decide to be a beta tester?

Zeto: IIRC I found the website through a link on one of the free steam keys subreddits, and since I’m super interested in time travel I applied to beta test.

QL:What impressed you the most?

Zeto: The seemingly unlimited amount of strategies and approaches, and the general concept of causality/time travel in a shooter, you don’t see that often.

QL:What was the easiest concept to capture? And the most difficult?

Zeto: Easiest was probably the general idea of causality in the game, hardest def what in the world happens after loop 1, that took a while.

QL:If you could travel in time, when would you travel and why?

Zeto: I’d probably go far into the future just to check how humanity will change, going into the past is kinda pointless if you follow the go to quantum technics model of time travel since it would just create a separate reality.

QL:If you were a QL character, what would you be? Why?

Zeto: Probably Justin, he chill.


QL:What is your favorite weapon?

Zeto: The nade launcher for sure, I still think its super underutilized and most players don’t understand how strong it can be for zoning or predict shots.

QL:What strategy do you like to follow when you play?

Zeto: I usually try to force the opponent into Loop 2 while setting up spawnkill opportunities, it’s kinda hard to do but super satisfying if it works. Its like checkmating someone.

QL:Advice for new players?

Zeto: Listen to JP haha!

QL:Who would you recommend it to? Why?

Zeto: I think most people who enjoy comp shooters will enjoy this, obv more if they are also into time travel.